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The New 21st Century Workplace

Shanghaied: Why Fosters Could Not Survive China

Little Empires: Multi-Generation Small Business in Southern Alberta, Canada

The Time-Woven Rainbow

Innovation Translation in a University Curriculum: A Study Informed by Actor-Network Theory

Sixteen Australian Managers Ten Years On: Rhetoric and Realities

WorkChoices: Evolution or Revolution

Behind WorkChoices: How one Company Changed Australia's Industrial Relations System

Trade Unions in the Community: Values, Issues, Shared Interests and Alliances

Achieving Goal Alignment with Healthcare Knowledge Workers through ICT use

Rethinking Causality: Pattern as the Science of Change

Knowledge Management Integrated

Curriculum Cycles in the History of Information Systems in Australia

The Philosophical Notion of Property

Managing the family Business

Report on the Study of Strategic Flexibility in Professional Service Organisations

Small Business and Information Technology: Research Techniques and International Case Studies

Knowledge Management: Theory and Application in a Twenty-First Century Context

For Ethical Politics

Managing E-Business in the 21st Century

Skilling the E-Business Professional

Mobile Phone Uptake: a Review of the Literature and a Framework for Research

E-Commerce Diffusion: Strategies and Challenges

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